Welcome Renter to Island West

Island West was established with the intent to have its residents live and experience a true Lowcountry environment. Although you are presently renting a home and are not a homeowner and member of the Home Owners Association (HOA) you are still required to abide by the established rules and regulations. Failure to abide by them will result in fines and penalties levied against both you and the owner of the property.

Make yourself familiar with the governing documents

The HOA has rules and regulations for the benefit of all. These rules not only apply to architectural issues but also to the conduct of all residents. Failure to abide by these rules could result in warnings and/or loss of privileges and monetary fines levied by the HOA on the property owner which, in turn, will be passed on to you. These documents are found on this website under the following tabs: “ARC”, “Rules & Regulations” and “Documents”.  You should have received a hard copy of these documents when you received your coded access decal from the management company (IMC Resort Services, Inc.) If you did not contact them as soon as possible to avert any undue embarrassment or conflict.

Obey the speed laws

The speed limit in Island West is 25 MPH. Our community does not have sidewalks and you will find children and adults walking on our roads along with golf carts and maintenance vehicles sharing the streets. Please remain alert and careful.

The golf course is owned by Island West, but leased to a third party

Therefore, it is not to be used for personal recreation or as a dog walk. This could be very dangerous due to golf balls in flight and could be considered by the owner as trespassing due to liability issues.

The Palm House fitness center and pool are for your enjoyment

There are specific rules and hours of operation that apply to these areas. They are posted both on this website and on location. They apply to all. DO NOT under any circumstances loan your pass key to anyone. In doing so, your card will be automatically de-activated, and access will be denied.

All exterior alterations and additions must be applied for

An ARC application must be submitted to the management company (IMC) and approved by the ARC before any exterior work is to be done. The application can only be submitted by the property owner…NOT THE RENTER. This includes the addition of lawn sheds, any fencing and large play equipment. Please refer to the document “ARC Guidelines” found on this website.

Rental leases are restricted to a minimum of ONE YEAR

A copy of the rental lease is required to be submitted and filed with the management company prior to occupancy. Failure to do so will result in a fine and loss of privileges.

If you have any questions, concerns or if you are simply just unsure of an issue regarding your obligations and requirements to the community as a renter please contact the management company….IMC Resorts Services, Inc. at 843-785-4775 and identify yourself as an Island West renter.