The limited parking at the Palm House is only be for vehicles having an IW Bar code, or a guest pass hung from the mirror. These mirror passes, one per house, will be given out to homeowners whose accounts are up to date and have the proper Island West sticker on their vehicles.

Special permission for a daily pass, in advance, will be required from  IMC Resort Services for party, guest, and overnight guest parking without a sticker or mirror pass.  Those needing a vehicle sticker should call:

IMC Resort Services, Inc.
Bluffton Location:
181 Bluffton Rd.
Ste. C-104
Bluffton SC 29910

Dave Lewellen – Property Manager
843-785-4775 ext. 207
[email protected]

Additional ID Card

Electronic access security I.D. Cards are needed for entrance to the Palm House, Gym, and Pool areas. One free card is being issued per family. Those needing a card should call IMC Resort Services, Inc. to make sure that your security card registration is on file. Then you can pick your card up at their office. If you lose your card, it will be turned off in the system and a replacement can be obtained at a cost of $50. 

Securitas Patrol (private company hired by HOA)

Guidelines for the patrol:

The main goals of the patrol are to Detect, Deter, and Report.
The Patrol will be on the look out for violations and by their presence hopefully deter anything from happening. If a violation is committed, their first response is to report it to the local authorities [Sheriff] and to avoid any confrontation.
The standing rule is to avoid all confrontation.
The main purpose of this patrol is to try and stop the vandalism before it occurs.

Rules and Regulations:

We will be enforcing the standing rules for the pool area which we are” Permitted For By DHEC”
We will enlarge the scope of that permit to cover the entire outdoor recreation complex.

The permit for operation of the pool states we can use from dawn to dusk.
During the summer, those hours will be interrupted as 6 AM to 9 PM.

Therefore, Anyone at the pool/ outdoor recreation complex between the hours of 9 PM and 6 AM will be considered as trespassing.


First offense with no damage will be a warning letter to the homeowner and /or renter.
Second offense will be a fine. Fine will be determined depending on the violation. Minimum fine will be $ 50.00
Any offense after that can result in losing all clubhouse area privileges and additional fines and possible prosecution.
Any damage committed will be the full responsibility of the guilty homeowner to replace at cost.

The community elected the BOD to act as stewards to enforce its covenants and rules and regulations and to be good managers of the funds collected and spent on behalf of the whole community.