Pool and Palm House Information for Island West Residents

It’s important that all our residents, both owners and renters, are aware of the rules regarding the safe and enjoyable use of this fun and important amenity.

First and foremost, the pool is for the enjoyment of legitimate residents and their guests ONLY. Guests must be accompanied by the resident host to share the pool and the Palm House fitness center.  Non-residents who are not accompanied by a resident will be asked to leave. Failure to leave upon request will be considered trespassing and could result in criminal charges.

The loaning of key cards to people outside the community is totally unacceptable and will result in the deactivation of the card and a stiff fine to the home owner.

In summary;……The unauthorized use of any of the Island West facilities by non-residents could result in legal action and criminal charges to the perpetrator and serious consequences to a HOA member if complacent.

Please take time to read the pool rules which are found here on our community website.  They are there only to insure the safety and enjoyment of our pool. The rules and regulations regarding our pool are based on requirements made by our insurance carrier, advice from our legal counsel, and the SC Department Of Health and Environmental Control. They are NOT there to inconvenience anyone. Should you wish to voice your concern or seek a better understanding of the reason for their implementation please feel free to contact IMC and they will accommodate your request.

Most of our rules are just common sense. Some pool rules of special concern are….

No glass containers near the pool. Please enjoy your beverages and food… on the covered patio or at the tables and chairs on the apron.

No pets are allowed anywhere in the Palm House complex. ESPECIALLY in and around the pool.

No hard toys that are not intended for public pool. These would include, but not limited to, frisbees, footballs, baseballs, etc. (‘Nerf’-type toys ARE allowed for obvious reasons).

No propping open of gates to ease access.  No jumping off fences.

Our Island West Pool falls under a unique set of rules as it is obviously not a pool for private residential use, but uniquely it is not a pool open to the general public either. Again, familiarize yourself with the rules and try to abide by them for the enjoyment of all. Since there is no lifeguard, everyone enjoying the pool should take it upon themselves to be vigilant of not only the safety of your own but others enjoying themselves…especially the children.

The Island West Board of Directors