Welcome to Island West

Development of the community of Island West began approximately twenty years ago in the spirit of establishing a safe and friendly Lowcounty environment. When you purchased your home in Island West you became a member of the Island West homeowner’s association (HOA). As a homeowner and association member you are guaranteed your home and property investment is protected and encouraged to grow. There are many benefits of being a member of the HOA as well as association responsibilities of which all property owners should be aware.

Make yourself familiar with the governing documents

The homeowner’s association you now belong to has rules and regulations for the benefit of all. They apply to ALL properties in Island West, both common and private. The rules not only apply to architectural issues but also to conduct of citizens inside the Island West community. Failure to abide by these rules and regulations could result in warnings, or privilege and/or monetary penalties imposed by the HOA. These documents (covenants) can be found here on our website menu under the appropriate tabs. They are also found on the flash drive which was sent to you by the HOA contracted management company (IMC Resort Services, Inc)

Participate in our community government

Attend open board meetings and if your personal time allows, make yourself available for committees in order to lend your ideas and skills to the neighborhood.

Obey our speed and traffic laws

There are no sidewalks in Island West. Therefore, you’ll find children and adults walking and biking on our roads. PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND ALERT when driving in our community.

Some properties have special requirements

Especially those adjacent to the golf course. There are restrictions on such things as type and height of fences, the installation of yard sheds, play sets and grass planting. PLEASE read the ARC guidelines and our documents for more information regarding golf course lots.

An ARC application MUST BE SUBMITTED for all exterior additions and alterations to your property

If you have a question regarding the application process, please contact IMC at (843) 785-4775. NOTE…It’s ALWAYS wise to visit the ARC guidelines prior to planning an exterior project of any kind.

Watch for upcoming community events and alert which will be sent to your personal Email address by the management company IMC Resort Services, Inc. And again, Welcome to Island West! We look forward to meeting you at the Palm house, our board meetings or our many social events in the community.

Island West Home Owner’s Association